Gedgers releases PhotoFame 1.0 for iPhone - Turn Pics to Cash

Harrogate, UK - PhotoFame is the brainchild of international photographer and stormchaser, Mark Humpage, who saw a need to provide iPhone users with the opportunity to make money from their photos. PhotoFame is a simple and unique app that enables users to take or attach a photo and then fire the image off to the agency.

PhotoFame is the first iPhone application to partner with a news and picture agency to give customers a chance to earn money from their photos. Mark Humpage, who has appeared on numerous UK TV shows and exhibits his pictures worldwide, explained that anyone can make money from photos if they are in the right place at the right time.

‘Most photos seen in newspapers are sent in by the public - whether it’s quirky, newsy, celeb spotting, arty or just plain funny, the chances are, if you’ve taken a great photo you can sell it. There are no guarantees that your photo will earn you cash, but you might just hit the jackpot - one photo the agency received made 20,000 for the customer!’

Speed is everything when you’re selling a photo - you need to be quick to get the shot to the press and PhotoFame now provides an easy way to do this. It should appeal to anyone who likes the idea of making money and grabbing the headlines with a photo they’ve taken.”

SWNS is one of the biggest and most successful news and picture agencies supplying national and global press with their photos and stories. PhotoFame works in partnership with SWNS to ensure the swift and simple transmission of iPhone photos directly to their dedicated team who will hunt for a market for your picture.

Minimum Requirements:
* iPhone or iPod touch 3.0 or later

For $0.99 (USD) this might be the best investment you’ve ever made on your iPhone - make sure you don’t miss your moment of fame and fortune by checking out the iTune App Store now and snapping up PhotoFame. PhotoFame is developed by Gedgers in partnership with Mark Humpage and SWNS. For more information on this application visit Gedgers website.

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