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Security: Delete Files and Erase Disks Securely

So, what happens when you move a file to the Trash and empty the Trash, it’s gone, right? Well not exactly.
In reality OS X is just marking the disk sectors as available to store new data. Until a new file overwites that location just about any hard drive recovery or forensic tool could recover that [...]

Lock your Mac and Display Fast User Switching Screen on Idle

Since I have converted from PC to Mac I have missed the function in Windows that automatically locks the computer and prompt you back to the account login screen. There are various ways to do this on your Mac, however my requirements were the following:
1. Automatically lock the computer via idle time.
2. Prompt Fast user [...]

Tips & Tricks: Mac Security Fixes: Set a Firmware Password

The biggest risk to your Mac is if it is lost, stolen or physically compromised. If you setup a secure password as discussed previously and the thief can’t login, they can still gain access to all your data using one of the special start-up modes built into all Macs.
These start-up modes include booting from an [...]

Tips & Tricks: Mac Security Fixes: Don’t Display Usernames or Password Hints

Mac OS X’s login window normally displays a list of all users on a Mac (or all users who can access a Mac on the network). This makes it easy for anyone who has physical access to the Mac to gain access by simply guessing a password. Disabling the display of usernames adds another layer [...]

Tips & Tricks: Mac Security Fixes - Disable Automatic Login

When Mac OS X is installed or a new Mac started, Mac OS X enables automatic login for the first account that is setup, which allows you to login without providing a username and password.
While convenient, automatic login means that anyone who has physical access to your Mac could gain full access to your account [...]

Tips & Tricks: Mac Security Fixes - Disable “Opening” of Safe Downloads

How safe is your Mac? Not as safe as you think.
While the Mac offers ease of use and simplicity, some of those “features” could actually be exposing you to security risks. One such feature is in Safari that automatically opens “safe” files as soon as they are downloaded. According to Apple’s definition “safe” consist of [...]

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