1Password 2 is ready for Snow Leopard

Toronto (Ontario, Canada) - Agile Web Solutions announced today that 1Password 2, its award-winning password and identity manager for the Mac, is compatible with Mac OS X Snow Leopard, Apple’s newest operating system. Mac users can safely upgrade to Snow Leopard and continue using 1Password to securely store all their Internet passwords, automatically fill registration and shopping forms in browsers, and protect other critical information.

Starting with version 2.9.31, 1Password and its features - such as filling browser logins and form details, generating strong passwords, and securely storing credit card numbers and text notes - work “out of the box” on Snow Leopard and almost all supported browsers. To use 1Password’s plugin for Safari in Snow Leopard, users simply need to run the browser in 32-bit mode. No configuration is needed to use 1Password’s plugins for other supported browsers like Firefox, Camino, OmniWeb, and NetNewsWire.

A forthcoming major upgrade, 1Password 3, will soon bring some powerful new features, including 1PasswordAnywhere for viewing one’s keychain on Windows or Linux, a gorgeous new user interface, a tagging system, and complete 64-bit support for Snow Leopard and Safari. Users who upgrade to Snow Leopard and run 1Password 2 will automatically be invited to help beta test version 3. To say thank you to beta testers and celebrate the upcoming release, an Early Bird sale offers 33% off the purchase of an upgrade license for current 1Password owners.

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