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Snow Leopard Preview: New Expose and Dock

Snow Leopard, which will be released this fall, will have a bunch of new features. While many of the improvements are “under the hood”, one of the visible improvements will be the new UI that Snow Leopard will sport.
Here are some of the new features of Expose and how they work with the Dock:
Currently when [...]

Expose and Spaces: Effectively using your Macs Screen with Spaces

Spaces and Expose, a must have for ALL macs. These two settings will greatly increase your productivity on your mac. Allowing you to quickly switch to dedicates spaces/desktops with shortcuts or active corners setup with Expose.

Tips & Tricks: Using Expose to Stay Organized

Do you like to keep lots of windows open on your desktop, Expose helps you find everything even if your desktop is a complete mess.
Expose is already setup on your Mac. Open several windows on your Mac and then press the F11 key. Don’t worry, press F11 again and the windows return.
You can see the [...]

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