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Finder: Customize the Icon View of Finder Windows

Do you want to customize the look and feel of your Finder windows? Text labels too small? Icons too big? It’s easy to make it look exactly as you want.
Finder has the the ability to customize the windows and their contents by simply using the View Options.
1. Open a Finder window and click the Icon [...]

Cocoatech releases Path Finder 5.1.4 for Mac OS X

San Francisco, California - Cocoatech today released Path Finder 5.1.4, an update to their award-winning file management utility for Mac OS X. Path Finder 5 was first released in late October 2008, and has received more than a dozen free updates.
The latest version of Path Finder adds a handful of new user-requested features:
* Back to [...]

Snow Leopard Preview: Finder - Icon Previews

One of the handy features that was released in Leopard was Quick Look, which provided a preview technology that displayed more descriptive thumbnails.
Snow Leopard now takes Quick Look to the next level by actually giving a real content preview of the file. For media files, as you move the mouse over the file the “Play” [...]

Tips & Tricks: Finder - Organize Folders using “Keep Arranged by” Shortcut

Do you like to keep your folders arranged in a certain order? Using the default “Arrange by” option works file to arrange files once with any new files just getting added at the end.
There’s a quick trick to keep everything arranged in the order that you want.

After right-clicking, just press and hold the Option key, [...]

Tips & Tricks: Customize the Dock

Just like everything else on the Mac, the Dock can be customized to suit your specific tastes. Would you like the Dock to disappear and only appear when needed, or would the Dock along the side of your screen work better, or are the icons too big or small?
There are several ways to customize the [...]

Security: Delete Files and Erase Disks Securely

So, what happens when you move a file to the Trash and empty the Trash, it’s gone, right? Well not exactly.
In reality OS X is just marking the disk sectors as available to store new data. Until a new file overwites that location just about any hard drive recovery or forensic tool could recover that [...]

Finder: Switch Between An Applications Open Windows

Everyone knows that command-tab is great for switching between applications, but what about quickly switching between windows in an application? Luckily the solution is just one key away.

Finder: Reveal Any Open File In The Finder

Have you ever been working on a file and wish you could jump to it in the finder?

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