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Better Private Browsing in Safari 4 via Shortcuts, Confirmation Removal, and Cleanup

Private Browsing still leaves tracks, we will show you how to easily switch in and out of Private Browsing, and go over a few additional steps for the paranoid people who want to cover their tracks in Safari via Private Browsing shortcuts, confirmation removal, clearing cached data, and excluding cached data in Spotlight searches.

Tips & Tricks: Make a Widget From a Web Page

Tips & Tricks: Make a Widget From a Web Page

Is there information on a particular website that you’d like at your fingertips, but don’t want to have to open Safari everytime? You can create a Dashboard Widget that provides you with that information.

Tips & Tricks: Mac Security Fixes - Disable “Opening” of Safe Downloads

How safe is your Mac? Not as safe as you think.
While the Mac offers ease of use and simplicity, some of those “features” could actually be exposing you to security risks. One such feature is in Safari that automatically opens “safe” files as soon as they are downloaded. According to Apple’s definition “safe” consist of [...]

Safari: Make the Active Tab Stand Out in Safari 4

Most browsers do a poor job at making the active tab stand out, Safari 4 suffers from this problem. Luckily we have a simple way to colorize your active tab in Safari 4 so they will be stand out and be more visible.

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