SimplyTweet 2.0 - Full Featured iPhone Twitter Application with Push

Singapore - SimplyTweet 2.0 is a full featured iPhone Twitter Application that combines a fast, simple user interface and advanced functionality. It supports advanced functionality such as push notifications for new mentions and direct messages, themes, photo search, and picture posting to sites such as TwitPic and Posterous.

It is developed by MotionObj, run by independent software developer, Hwee-Boon Yar who is based in Singapore. The completely re-designed SimplyTweet 2.0 has been approved by Apple and is now available on the iTunes App Store for both iPod touch and iPhone. It was primarily developed because the developer could not find an iPhone Twitter client that satisfied his personal needs.

SimplyTweet 2.0 features:
* Fast and simple user interface
* Push notifications for new mentions and direct messages
* Customized timelines with saved views (groups)
* Conversation view
* Themes
* Import accounts from HootSuite
* Multiple accounts support, with quick switch support when drafting
* Landscape drafting
* Landscape built-in browser
* Text and URL shrinking
* Notes for accounts
* Photo search
* Picture posting to sites such as TwitPic and Posterous

* iPhone or iPod touch with OS 3.0 or newer

Pricing and Availability:
SimplyTweet 2.0 is $4.99 (USD) exclusively through Apple iTunes App Store.

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