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iTunes: Keeping your Music Listening Interesting Using Smart Playlists

Do you have a large iTunes music library? Does some of your older music seem to “disappear” from your listening rotation? Well, using Smart Playlists you can organize your music library to keep your listening fresh.
Smart Playlists in iTunes allow you to setup your library to organize and develop playlists using a variety of criteria.
Let’s [...]

Tips & Tricks: Use Half-Star Ratings in iTunes

Would you like the ability to rate songs and videos in your iTunes library using half-stars?
Using a simple Terminal command allows you to add that feature.
1. Close iTunes
2. Launch Terminal
3. Type: defaults write com.apple.iTunes allow-half-stars -bool TRUE
4. Press Enter
5. Exit Terminal
6. Relaunch iTunes
You can now rate songs and videos with half-stars, just click to the [...]

iTunes: Remove Dead Tracks from your Library

Does your iTunes Library list songs that iTunes says it can’t find? Here’s a simple way, using an available script to solve the problem.
Luckily iTunes lets you know about these files by placing an exclamation point next to the song, but how do you get rid of it? Clicking on the song brings up a [...]

How To: Enable Tethering On Your iPhone with OS 3.0

Heres a quick guide on how to enable tethering on any iPhone running iPhone OS 3.0-without jailbreaking-on your Mac.

Tips & Tricks: Export Podcast Information from iTunes

Do you have multiple computers running iTunes and want to have same podcasts available on them? Or do you want to share your podcast list with friends? iTunes allows you to export podcast information so you won’t have to manually re-subscribe to the podcasts you’d like to share.
To move your podcasts to another computer running [...]

Tips & Tricks: Secret iTunes Trick

Did you ever want more detailed information from the iTunes bar graph when you plug in your iPod? Here’s a quick tip on how to see your iPod utilization differently.

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