Deep Prose releases Cyclops 1.0 - Free Barcode Scanner for iPhone 3Gs

Centreville, Virginia - Deep Prose Software announced today the immediate availability of Cyclops 1.0 for iPhone 3Gs. Cyclops is a free barcode scanner that uses the built-in camera of the iPhone 3Gs to scan barcodes on items. Item information is retrieved from Amazon and presented with a convenient link to the product page. Simply click the scan button, take a picture of the barcode, and Cyclops does the rest, scanning, searching and presenting the item details right away, including new and used prices.

How it works: once the picture is taken, Cyclops analyzes the image in real-time on the iPhone. When the barcode is read, an online search retrieves information such as title, image, publisher, studio, tracks, dewey decimal number, prices, and more from Amazon US, UK, FR, DE, CA or JP. Both UPC and EAN barcodes are supported.

Scanning history is stored for quick reference and items can be easily reordered and removed. If an internet connection is not available when scanning, the online search can be done later on when the network is accessible.

Language Support:
Cyclops is localized in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, and Japanese

Cyclops requires the camera on the new iPhone 3Gs to work, older iPhone versions are not supported at this time. Version 1.0 is the initial release and is available for free on the App Store.

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