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Disk Doctor Photo Recovery for Mac - Now Recovers Adobe Photoshop Files

Norcross, Georgia - Disk Doctors Photo Recovery (Mac) software now has enhanced support for recovering Adobe Photoshop files i.e. PSD file extension. The software is updated with latest algorithm that will help users to recover lost/deleted .psd files from hard drives, memory cards etc. PSD is the default file extension of the proprietary file format [...]

Review: Mailplane App - Full Featured Gmail Client for Mac

So you’re stuck using Gmail in a web browser, somewhere it lies lost in tab oblivion… getting no respect. There is hope! Its called Mailplane App.

Review: iPhoto Tool - Duplicate Annihilator and Thumbnail Annihilator

iPhoto can get sloppy with duplicate images, or even thumbnails. Especially for those who migrated from PC to Mac and used the auto import of iPhoto. Brattoo Propagando has you covered with their offering called Duplicate Annihilator and Thumbnail Annihilator.

iPhone: Stop Your iPhone From Automatically Opening iPhoto!

One of the most annoying things for me is each time I go to sync my iPhone, it always opens iPhoto automatically. If you have the latest version of iPhoto, the solution is easy. If not, then the solution is hiding in another app you probably dont know about.

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