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Quick Copy Application Icon with CMD + C and Preview

Forget Google Image to find App Icons, OS X Leopard has a handy feature which lets you copy full quality app icons using Preview.app.

Expose and Spaces: Effectively using your Macs Screen with Spaces

Spaces and Expose, a must have for ALL macs. These two settings will greatly increase your productivity on your mac. Allowing you to quickly switch to dedicates spaces/desktops with shortcuts or active corners setup with Expose.

Tips & Tricks: Working with Multiple Applications at Once

In Mac OS X, you can keep several applications and windows open at once. You can just single click the icon in the Dock, but there are also some shortcuts available to switch between these applications quickly and easily.
From within any application you can bring up a floating menu, like the one shown below and [...]

Tips & Tricks: Using Expose to Stay Organized

Do you like to keep lots of windows open on your desktop, Expose helps you find everything even if your desktop is a complete mess.
Expose is already setup on your Mac. Open several windows on your Mac and then press the F11 key. Don’t worry, press F11 again and the windows return.
You can see the [...]

Essentials: Useful Mac Keyboard Commands

Heres a list of the common Mac OS X keyboard shortcuts. A keyboard shortcut is a way to invoke a function in Mac OS X by pressing a combination of keys on your keyboard. These can help you to significantly speed up daily computer tasks.

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