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Leopard: Stop Application Icons on Dock From Bouncing

Are you tired of bouncing dock icons when you launch a new application? There’s a simple way to get rid of this feature if you find it annoying.
1. Click on Apple menu in the upper left corner.
2. Select Dock and then select Dock Preferences from the menu.

3. Uncheck the Animate opening applications checkbox

4. Close the [...]

Snow Leopard Preview: New Expose and Dock

Snow Leopard, which will be released this fall, will have a bunch of new features. While many of the improvements are “under the hood”, one of the visible improvements will be the new UI that Snow Leopard will sport.
Here are some of the new features of Expose and how they work with the Dock:
Currently when [...]

Tips & Tricks: Customize the Dock

Just like everything else on the Mac, the Dock can be customized to suit your specific tastes. Would you like the Dock to disappear and only appear when needed, or would the Dock along the side of your screen work better, or are the icons too big or small?
There are several ways to customize the [...]

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