Cellar 1.0 released - The perfect Wine app to finish your day

Cambridge, England- Airsource Ltd and Glasshouse Apps today released Cellar, a portable, swipeable showcase of your wine collection. Cellar is designed to keep track of your wine, and remember what to buy next time you visit the store, thanks to the app’s unique ‘Garage’ feature.

Cellar is not just a list, it’s an actual Cellar! Using it is “almost as fun as drinking the wine you collect” - Michael Rose, tuaw.com.
Cellar is a visual, editable, swipeable showcase. And when you have finished a bottle, if you would like to keep it for reference in the future, store it in the Garage where all your archived bottles are ordered by star rating, ready to be repurchased and moved back to the Cellar.

Airsource Ltd and Glasshouse Apps previously produced Barista, the widely acclaimed iPhone application that helps you produce cafe-quality espresso at home. Barista has been featured in Apple’s television and press advertisements, and most recently in the iPhone 3GS Guided Tour. If Barista was a great app for starting the day, Cellar is the perfect app to finish it. Organizing your wine collection has never been so much fun!

Minimum Requirements:
* iPhone and iPod touch 2.2 or later

Pricing and Availability:
Cellar for iPhone is available for 99 cents (USD) at the iPhone App Store.

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