Review: Quicken Online Mobile for iPhone

May 2, 2009 in Reviews by Mark

Quicken released their Quicken Online Mobile app for iPhone this week. Those of us stuck using Quicken 2007 for Mac know the stagnant state of Quicken on Mac. Quicken is hard at work developing their replacement for Quicken “2009″, called Quicken Financial Life for Mac. Until then you might find this free alternative a great option.

Mint finally has a worthy opponent, meet Quicken Online Mobile for iPhone. Sign up for and download the app and your ready to be reminded of your financial instabilities wherever you are, for free.

The app brings many features directly from to the iPhone. Viewing your recent activity can be sorted by account, categories, or payee. The ATM Finder takes full advantage of location services, finding the nearest ATM and how to get there. Further, the app offers paycheck forecasting and goal tracking to keep a handle on whats to expect. Be sure to turn your iPhone landscape on the Outlook page to see the forecasting chart. Last but not least, you can manually add expenses or income on the go, best to keep track of the “My Wallet” account.

Overall this product is more robust than the eye candy alternative, Mint. Account history is saved forever, and it actually offers two phases of security. An excellent start for Quicken Online Mobile for iPhone.