Freeridecoding releases SmartBackup 2.3.1 - Fast and Efficient Archival

Wellington, New Zealand - Freeridecoding today announced SmartBackup 2.3.1, a free update of its alternative backup and archiving application. SmartBackup is an easy to use tool to create all kinds of backups, from small efficient daily data backups to network shares, up to full bootable clones of Mac OS X to a second harddisk.

The interface of SmartBackup focuses on making configuring and running a backup as easy and straightforward as possible. SmartBackup features backup presets for several frequently used applications like Mail, iCal, Safari etc. to simplify the configuration. SmartBackup supports the use of Spotlights “Saved Searches” as backup items. Files found by Saved Searches can be backed up or define an exclusion. Telling SmartBackup to “backup all files changed during the last week”, “backup only purchased music out of the iTunes Library” or “exclude all files with a red label” is just one click away.

During each backup, the application optionally archives deleted or changed files. That way the backup stays clean and changed or deleted files are kept in an archive folder where they are stored sorted by date and time of their change or removal. SmartBackup uses its own optimized sync engine to determine which items have changed since your last backup. During each backup only those items are copied. SmartBackups sync engine also handles preserving of Mac OS X specific metadata or archiving of changed or deleted files for you in a fast an efficient way.

SmartBackup backes up files as they are without using a prorprietary format. That way a backup is usable even without the application. For automation SmartBackup integrates with iCal and Automator. For professional use backups can also be executed using a commandline mode. The update to 2.3.1 brings several minor bugfixes and improvements.

SmartBackup Features highlights include:
* Easy to use
* Backup presets
* Support for Spotlights Saved Searches
* Archiving of changed/deleted files
* Bootable clones
* Easy handling of multiple backup sets
* Powerful built-in sync engine
* Preserves important metadata
* Optimised for network backup
* Integrates with iCal and Automator
* Commandline mode

Minimum Requirements:
* Mac OS X Version 10.4 Tiger or later
* Intel or PPC Mac (Universal Binary)

* English, German and French

Pricing and Availability:
A home single license is priced at $22 (USD). A FamilyPack option (5 installations) is available for $48 (USD). Business licenses start from 32 USD. Site licenses and educational discounts are available. A full-featured demo is available.

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