PortfolioLive 2.0 released: The Best Reviewed Finance App For The iPhone

Charlotte, NC - TuringStudios today is proud to announce PortfolioLive 2.0, a full featured Portfolio Management tool for the Apple iPhone platform. PortfolioLive simplifies and improves your ability to manage your investment portfolio. Now you can track your portfolio, research individual stocks with detailed news and custom technical charts and stay informed anywhere, anytime.

“We really pulled out all the stops for version 2.0″, said Andy Sharp, Software Architect for Turing Studios. “We compiled customer requests for almost 3 months and basically set out to fulfill every single request. PortfolioLive 2.0 is the culmination of months of development and we are really proud of the result. We feel this release really blows the competition away.”

PortfolioLive is a powerful and very easy to use Portfolio Management tool for the iPhone/iPod. Receive stock quotes and index values direct to your phone, with real-time quotes offered where available, and know the value of your holdings at anytime. Manage hundreds of positions across an unlimited number of portfolios, with our fast, flexible and stable quote engine.

“But PortfolioLive 2.0 goes well beyond quotes. We also added a huge new technical charting section that allows users to design their own charts and save those designs for application to any symbol later”, said Andy Sharp. “For the first time amateur stock analysts out there can do their technical analysis on the go. It really is something brand new in the world of mobile apps.”

PortfolioLive is the only portfolio management tool that offers support for unlimited portfolios, multiple lots per holding, long and short positions, configurable commissions, dividends, splits, multiple currencies, technical charting, integrated news, options, futures, commodities and real time data for many US stocks.

“While users are digesting the dozens of new features in version 2.0 we are hard at work on future releases.”, said Andy Sharp. “We plan to provide better market data, more features, and of course we are combing over our customer requests”.

Here are just a few of the amazing features of PortfolioLive v2.0:
* Gorgeous easy to read screens, rendered with adaptive fonts for maximum clarity
* High performance background market data engine
* Amazing real time data for NYSE and NASDAQ listed stocks
* Stock quotes for the major US exchanges (NASDAQ, AMEX and NYSE as well as OTC/PK)
* Full technical analysis quality stock charts with an integrated Chart Designer
* Integrated market news and New Reader
* Support for hundreds of currencies
* Support for dozens of international exchanges
* Support for Options, Futures and Commodities
* Configurable commissions, dividends and splits
* Ability to create any number of portfolios to monitor. Add up to 100 stocks, indexes and mutual funds per portfolio
* Fast, crash free performance (check out our reviews)
* Quotes on Mutual Funds
* Easy to use symbol search function that allows you to search on ticker or company name
* Create positions in stocks or mutual funds so you can monitor the values of your portfolios
* Positions can be entered as multiple lots so you can truly mirror your brokerage trading account
* Support for long and short positions and fractional share quantities
* Password locking feature to protect your portfolio data
* Live calculations of value, day gain and total gain at the lot, position and portfolio level
* Ability to control the frequency of stock quote updates so you can balance update speed with battery consumption

* iPhone or iPod Touch 2.2.1 or later
* Internet connectivity

Pricing and Availability:
PortfolioLive 2.0 is available world wide via the AppStore (see the App Store for pricing details).

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