Postbox Brings Email Sanity To The Masses

SAN FRANCISCO — September 9, 2009 — San Francisco-based start-up Postbox™ today announced that its flagship email product is now available to the public from its website at: Based on Mozilla® technology, this desktop email application gives users powerful new ways to find, use, and view email messages and content, organize work life, and simply get stuff done. After being named to the industry-leading TechCrunch50 in September 2008, Postbox has continued developing and adding key features to create a powerful and unique email experience across both Mac and Windows operating systems.

“In the year since we debuted at TechCrunch50, we have been vigorously focused on delivering a reliable, more intuitive email solution that fits the real way people use email today,” said Sherman Dickman, co-founder of Postbox. “With today’s launch, Postbox has combined powerful search capabilities with easy-to-use organizing tools to create a communications-enabled command center that helps people get more done.”

Ultra-fast search that saves time

Postbox works behind the scenes to catalog everything in your email: every bit of text, every contact, address or link, every picture, document or attachment. It’s all in the catalog and it’s all searchable. Users simply click the Images tab to see a thumbnail gallery of every picture from every message, or the Attachments tab to browse through documents, files and more. And since Postbox does all of its cataloging on each user’s computer, the privacy and confidentiality of their email information is preserved.

Focus on what’s important, not what’s new

Overloaded inboxes contain hundreds, if not thousands, of messages — and pull people in different directions. Postbox lets users organize messages by topic, so they can focus on one thing at a time while minimizing interruptions from unrelated messages. A topic can be anything — a project, important client, event, or a custom tag. Within a topic, users can send and receive messages, create to-dos, annotate messages, and search for relevant content regardless of file type or location.

“Most everyone working in email uses it as a personal database, whether as a filing system, catch-all, or to-do list; but email applications have not kept pace with how we really use mail,” said Scott MacGregor, co-founder of Postbox. “We built Postbox with special attention to the key areas where traditional email clients weren’t getting the job done. Now you can spend more time getting work done and less time hunting for content or contacts.”

Smarter views make sense of it all

Postbox analyzes email messages to create smarter and more intuitive views. Conversation Views make sense of email threads by stitching multiple messages into a single, chronological conversation. And documents, images, links, and addresses shared within messages or conversations are smartly summarized within the message Inspector for easy access.

Available now

Postbox for Windows or Macintosh is available for immediate download, either for a free 30-day trial or for purchase. Postbox is now on sale for $39.95 with additional options for a family pack or lifetime upgrade packages. For a limited time, people who buy Postbox can receive a discount code to pass along a $10 savings to up to 10 friends and family members. More information can be found at:

About Postbox

A new desktop email application, Postbox™ lets people spend less time managing email and more time using email to get things done. Powered by the Mozilla® platform, Postbox automatically detects, analyzes, and catalogs all types of content, including text, documents, images, and URLs. As a result, it’s easier to find, organize, and take action on content typically hiding deep within email applications. Postbox, Inc. was founded by Sherman Dickman and Scott MacGregor in December of 2007, and is based in San Francisco, California. For more information, please visit

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