iCal: Sync Google Calendar in iCal with Calaboration

May 2, 2009 in How-To by Mark

Google released CalDAV in 08 then followed up with the application called Calaboration. This simple app will get your Google Calendar and iCal to play nicely together via Bi-Directional sync.

Step 1: Download Calaboration

You can download the file from Google Code


Step 2: Define your Gmail account

Enter your primary Gmail email address and password.

Be sure to use your Gmail account instead of your Google mail hosted domain. Using your email from Google Apps for Business will work, but as of this writing (1.0.2) you cannot edit items shared through that email address.

Step 3: Change the Preferences

Select CMD + , to bring up the Preferences or navigate to Calaboration > Preferences

Check the box to Enable read-only calendars in case you want to be able to view shared calendars in which you do not have full access to.

Step 4: Select Calendars to Sync

Select the Calendars you want to include in Bi-Directional Sync.

Step 5: Finished!

Your Sync’d calendars will show up with the Titles and location “GOOGLE: CALENDARNAME” and your all done, your calendars will now be synced with Google Calendar.

Thanks to Google for making this a simple and free process!