Review: Print & Share for iPhone

October 19, 2009 in Reviews by Bob Faulhaber

Would you like to be able to print documents, emails, attachments, photos and more from your iPhone? Well, now using Print & Share from EuroSmartz you can do just that from your iPhone with a few clicks.

Print & Share is an iPhone app in conjunction with client software installed on your desktop computer redirects print jobs to any printer (network or local) connected to your computer.

After downloading and installing the app for your iPhone, along with the client software on either your Mac or Windows computer (available at the EuroSmartz website), you will be presented with the main Print & Share menu screen, which gives you access to the various “print services” options.


Print & Share gives you the ability to print files/documents, web pages, images/photos, contacts and emails from the app’s built-in email client. Using the client software on your computer and the apps Files option, you can can “fetch” and download files from you computer onto your iPhone, where you can view, email, rename, export and even create a zip file right on your iPhone.


Using the Images function allows you to view all the items that are located in your iPhone’s photo album. You can email or print any of those images.

The Web Pages function opens the built-in web browser, allowing you to either print, email or save any web page. When you decide to print, wou will prompted to either “Print from Screen” or “Print from address”.


Two other functions in the app are the Email client and Contacts function, which is an Address Book “browser”, allowing you to print contact information for any individual or multiple contacts.

Print & Share’s strength is giving you the ability to print to any of your printers “attached” to your computer running the desktop client. When you select print, you will be presented with the options screen, where you can select the printer, number of copies, along with other settings.


Taping on the printer will bring up another window that shows all the other printers that are connected to the desktop client. Tapping any of the other printers selects that particular one for the current print request.


Print & Share does an excellent job on its strength and working within Apple’s SDK limitations and segmentation of applications and the inability to easily “share” files and data between apps on the iPhone. I hope that Apple someday makes changes to the iPhone OS, where data can be shared between apps or at least a common area.

However in the meantime Print & Share is a great app if you want to or need to quickly print files, document, images and web pages, without first having to download the files to your computer. The Print & Share desktop client is available both for OS X or Windows and does not impact computer performance and does a nice job handling the print jobs and allowing file sharing between the desktop and your iPhone.