iCal: Dealing with Time Travel

August 20, 2009 in How-To, Tips & Tricks by Bob Faulhaber

Do you travel between time zones on a regular basis? Have you ever changed your computer’s time zone to reflect your present time zone and all event time stamps get changed causing scheduling confusion? iCal has the ability to let you easily specify time zones and not affect the times of past events.

To use the built-in iCal time zone support, just do the following:

1. Launch iCal

2. Select Preferences from the iCal menu.

3. Click the Advanced Tab, and check Turn on time zone support option

Now, whenever you create or edit an event there will be a Time Zone pull-down, allowing you to use your current time zone setting or set any other time zone.

So, next time you are traveling to another time zone, use iCal’s time zone support and make sure all your meetings and appointments show up at the correct time.