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How to Configure AOL 5.0 To Connect Using TCPIP / Edit AOL’s Sounds /Can't rename your harddrive in Mac OS?


How to Configure AOL 5.0 To Connect Using TCPIP

If you're connected to the Internet through your own ISP or LAN, you can connect to AOL through TCP/IP. To do this;
* Launch the America Online software.
* On the Sign On screen, click Setup. The Connection Setup screen appears.
* Select Setup AOL to sign on from a new location, such as or work, or through an Internet Service Provider (ISP). Click Next.
* Enter a name in the Name: field, such as TCPIP, then click Next.
* Select Add a TCP connection then click Next. The TCP Connection has been added message will appear. Click OK. On the AOL Sign On window, choose the name you entered, from the Select Location: drop-down menu.
After you've changed your AOL setup and location selection, you can sign onto the America Online service. (Make sure you are still connected to your ISP or LAN.) Enter your password or sign on as your normally do.

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Edit AOL’s Sounds

You are probably aware that you can switch off AOL’s chirpy announcements such as “You have got pictures” by choosing Preference from the My AOL menu and deselecting Play Event Sounds in the General tab.This will kill all AOL sounds. However, if you want to keep some of AOL sounds, open the AOL folder then Online folder and then Sounds folder. Trash the Sounds you don’t want. How about changing those sounds to your favourite tones? Record a sound as a System 7 , give it a name of a special event in AOL. Example, You Have Got mail, and replace it with the original AOL sound file in the You’ve got mail file. You can replace all AOL sounds files this way.

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Can't rename your harddrive in Mac OS?

It’s because you drive is being shared. To rename it, open the file sharing control panel and turn file sharing off.

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